Journal of the Life-Science-Branch

Critical but refreshing - that is how Laborjournal informs about life science business topics.

Background information, research results, company portraits, commentaries, product summaries, statistics, comics and cartoons with an underlying element of wit are the reason for Laborjournal's sweeping success.

The readers of the widely circulated 20,500 copies are scientists and laboratory technicians in industry and universities. Laborjournal is published 10 times a year and boasts one of the largest recruitment markets in the life science and biotechnology industry.

Circulation analysis:

Printrun: 20,500
Total spread circulation: 20,372
Subscribers: 1,774
Free copies: 18,598

Each issue is also available as e-paper including all ads. In the period May to July 2023 this service was used by additional 333 readers.

Editorial staff:

Dipl. Biol. Kai Herfort
Dr. Ralf Neumann
Dr. Harald Zaehringer
Dr. Henrik Mueller

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