journal of the leading bioscienctific and biotechnology societies

From molecular biology to biomedicine and biotechnology, all topics
involving modern life science can be found in BIOspektrum.

The intense exchange between the active scientific disciplines which are found in BIOspektrum demonstrate how it is as a collective publication of the leading professional societies in molecular biological research (GBM, VAAM, GfG, GfE and DGPT) and the partner organizations in the field of biotechnology (VBU & Dechema and BIO Deutschland) and the umbrella organization VBIO.

The journal's new straight-forward concept of presenting professional articles and brief reports carries the reader through each issue with a well-rounded view of the modern molecular biosciences in the four main areas of "science - methods and applications - society news - biotechnology - career opportunities". In every issue of BIOspektrum (or at you will find the latest research results, background information, politics and networking news and a lot more.


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